Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lil Bush: Satire for Exceptionally Immature Eighth Graders

Watched the premiere of Comedy Central's new show, Lil Bush, this evening. I laughed out loud three times, and two of those were instances of Lil Dick Cheney biting the heads off of birds and sucking out the insides. The other time escapes me now, but I suspect it had to do with Lil Cheney showing up inside the womb of former First Lady Barbara Bush.

This first episode was utterly forgettable, and my hopes aren't high for future episodes. I'll watch one or two more, but when the most engaging elements of a satire barely rise above the level of fart jokes, you know that satire's not going to cut too deep.

Here's an interesting tidbit down near the end of the Guardian's piece on Lil Bush:

Comedy Central has since 2001 been a source of tough satire about the Bush administration. Jon Stewart's Daily Show is a riposte to those Europeans who think Americans are not critical of the Bush administration.

Yeah, that'll teach them ignur'nt Europeans. Just show 'em Comedy Central.

Someone's not paying attention, Ewen MacAskill.

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