Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Accidental Gay Sex in Public Restrooms Reaches Epidemic Proportions

First there was State Rep. Bob Allen (R) of Florida, now U.S. Senator Larry Craig (R) of Idaho. But I've got to admit, it was the show Little Britain that saw all this coming:

(So to speak.)

UPDATE (20 March 2013): It's surprising how much traffic a six-years-old post about accidental gay sex in public restrooms still gets. Anyway, since the video above was long ago deleted from Youtube, I went looking for the same clip from Little Britain. Couldn't find it. But I learned that there is (or was) a version of Little Britain made for US audiences. Here's that adaptation's version of the same skit:  CLICK HERE Enjoy!

Bomb Iran

Ready for war, kids?

Someone's throwing down the gauntlet again.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cutest Video of the Nineties

This morning, while digging through some of Billy Bragg's political songs in search of satire to share with my students, I came upon the most adorable video of the nineties*:

* It's worth noting I stopped watching MTV on even an infrequent basis right around 1988.

UPDATE: Speaking of Billy Bragg and politics, here he is pulling a Zelig:

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Siouxsie's Back (and So Am I)

Here's the rollicking video for the new single from Siouxsie (sans Banshees or Creatures), with an album due out next month:

It kicks.

Speaking of kicking, I'm alive and well in Oklahoma. It was a hard move, but it's great to be here, starting the new job, and basically carrying on. Should resume blogging on a semi-regular basis this week.

No word yet, but I'm looking forward to new albums from New Model Army and Theo Hakola.