Wednesday, February 24, 2010



  1. I wasn't aware that "gothic americana" was a genre, but i guess it fits. It took me a second to connect the post title with the video, then i chuckled.

    In the interest of music sharing, I have been listening to a 2007 album by Caribou called "Andorra" almost non stop for the past few days. It is completely different from this video (for starters, the guy is Canadian and has a PhD in mathematics), but I can't get enough of it.

  2. I'll check it out. I downloaded a couple of Caribou songs a few years ago, probably in 2005, but they didn't hold my iPod's attention then. Maybe now.

    Just (legally) downloaded Shearwater's Rook tonight. Will listen as I walk to and from work tomorrow. I saw today's review of their new album at Pitchfork. The reviewer compared Shearwater to Talk Talk, and the singer to Talk Talk Talk's Mark Hollis. That made me sit up straight and pay attention.

    Also, I listened to Woven Hand's album Consider the Birds today. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I don't know how I missed this guy, but I'm glad I didn't miss him altogether.

  3. Regarding "gothic Americana": I spotted that phrase someplace yesterday, for the first time, and it perfectly captures the spirit of the kind of band I've wanted to sing in for the past decade, but haven't gotten off my ass to make it happen.

  4. Shearwater's album Rook is really good! It's uneven, but the looser, less predictable, less structured tracks blew me away. Thanks for pointing me toward this band (again--this might be the second time you've recommended them to me). Good call. I'll check out the new album soon, and Rook goes straight into my regular rotation.

    Also, if you haven't heard it, I recommend the 16 Horsepower album Folklore. And, for that matter, if you like Shearwater's Rook, you should absolutely check out the final two Talk Talk albums and Mark Hollis's sole solo release. Yes, especially that one. I'll post a video if I can find a decent one.

    Tip of the iceberg: "It's Getting Late in the Evening."