Monday, January 24, 2011

Blink Once if God, Twice if No God

I feel a strong and earnest (oh so earnest!) desire to knock the previous post off the top spot. This blog deserves better, as do you. With that in mind, dear reader, I will confess that it has taken several months for me to find my way into Joanna Newsom's most recent album, Have One on Me. Or was it the other way around? Yes, perhaps the music took its sweet time to find its way into me. Now that these songs have entered my bloodstream, I'm not sure what the hold up was all about. I posted my favorite song a few weeks ago, and here's another:

And here is Newsom performing "On a Good Day" and being a good sport on Letterman:

I also want to sound a note of sympathy for the long-suffering Newsom, as she apparently lives from day to day with a psychological affliction of the worst kind:
Deeply unfortunately, the song Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile, from Annie, has been lodged in my head for 20 years. It’s there permanently. No matter what’s happening it is softly playing in the back of my mind and one fifteenth of my mind is singing along. It is a nightmare.
 May she find peace in this lifetime. Oh, and may she never find this blog post to remind her of that song.

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