Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Painfully Overextended

I feel like I haven't one minute to type this post. But I will, anyway. I'll give it three, in fact.

I am going through one of those periods when everything--and I mean everything--on my schedule collides. Snow days early in the semester forced my second round of conferences to happen on this side of Spring Break. Now they have spilled over into a second week, and they are keeping me from doing the work I must do on a study abroad course proposal. Add to that the fact that I just started teaching an introductory creative nonfiction course at the senior learning center, and I'm maxed out. Oh, and well over half the seniors aren't beginning writers at all. Not sure what I was thinking there. It's a blessing, really. And all of this leaves me...

...out of time. Back to work.

Here's the song playing on my iTunes right now, for what it's worth (a lot--it's brilliant):

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rilke Week Redux?

I'm mulling over hosting another Rilke Week here on the blog. That would be the "second annual Rilke Week," and I imagine it could become a rich tradition. Or it could snowball into an obligation I struggle to meet. I could go into every Spring Break for the rest of forever dreading the work I need to do when I ought to be working on my own material or taking a vacation. Or worse: I might grow to feel like I shouldn't travel at all for Spring Break, because I would not want to break the tradition. And, no doubt, tens of thousands of readers are out there waiting to see if Rilke Week makes a comeback.

Needless to say, I'm feeling ambivalent, but I could sure use a close encounter with Rainer Maria Rilke right about now. I have found more than once that the close reading of poetry (well, not too close) sparks my imagination and focuses my thoughts. And these days, if I must change my life, then I must bend this life toward a more single-minded devotion to writing fiction. Seven years ago, family life dragged me away from the writing life. (Oh, woe am I.) Now it's time to drag myself back.

It's all so inspiring, no?

Rilke Week is on. Or not. I'll keep you posted.