Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dick Gregory's Do-It-Yourself Acceptance Speech

We stand tonight at the threshold of opportunity, ready as a party and as loyal Americans to carry the bride of promise over the threshold. As [substitute Democrats or Republicans] we realize that the vital issues confronting our country and our conscience are much greater than party labels and more important than partisan concerns. We have seen the terrible price that must be paid for giving partisanship a higher priority than patriotism under the leadership of the [substitute Democrat or Republican] Party.

But we also know that deep within the soul of every true American resides an instinct for freedom, for justice, for equality of opportunity, and for the inherent right of free men to determine their own destinies. From this moment on, let the word go forth and let us make it perfectly clear that it will be the untiring endeavor of the [substitute Democrat or Republican] Party to tap that reservoir of American conscience, so that our nation--indeed, the entire world and now even outer space--will be flooded with a tidal wave of honesty, justice, and freedom.

The task which faces us tonight is no easy endeavor. It requires nothing less than the total dedication and undivided determination of every man, woman, and child who loves liberty, who pursues justice, and who, as we know, is registered in the [substitute Democrat or Republican] Party.

You have bestowed upon me the great honor of leading this [substitute Democrat or Republican] crusade for freedom. It is an awesome responsibility, but one which no true American could refuse to willingly, and humbly, receive both as a duty and a challenge. I therefore accept your nomination.


[Plucked from the obscurity of the printed book.]

Gregory, Dick. Dick Gregory's Political Primer. First. New York: Harper & Row, 1972. Print.