Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Poetry Slams in Norman, Oklahoma

Write Club is hosting two more poetry slams (that we know of): Thursday 29 March 2012 and Thursday 26 April 2012. At stake...the Championship of the World of Cafe Plaid. Sign up starts at 7:00, and we'll start both evenings with our usual (weekly) open mic. Slam poets can also sign up in advance--details for that are on the Write Club Facebook page. Like it.

Here's the Write Club flyer for Spring 2012:

We've also got a free performance poetry workshop with Lauren Zuniga coming up in April, though that one is nearly full. Here is its flyer (detect a design theme?):

One of our newest readers is really interested in getting a cypher going as a regular part of the open mic series. Leave us a note on Facebook if you're interested.

Oh yeah, I have a blog...

Hi. I drifted back into facebook a few weeks ago (mostly to promote Write Club Open Mic events, I swear!), and my blogging simply trailed off. Such is life.

Anyway, here's an interview I did with Kelcey Parker of the Ph.D. in Creative Writing & Other Stories blog: How Eric Bosse Became a Writer.

(I'm enjoying Parker's story collection, For Sale By Owner, by the way--though I keep having to put it away so I can grade papers.)

And here's the latest review of the book, too.  That jumped-up pantry boy is very kind. Oh, and it looks like Ravenna Press is about to sell out the first printing, so there's progress. Onward and upward!

Next challenge: persuading the people who have actually read my book to go to Amazon and Goodreads and write even the smallest little review. These things help sales, I'm told.