Monday, June 25, 2012

Dead Can Dance, "Amnesia"

Dead Can Dance released a song today. Repeat: Dead Can Dance released a song today! I suppose it's a single. The piece features Brendan Perry, and it's surprisingly mellow, somehow. This is the radio edit, and below it you'll find my best quick stab at transcribing the lyrics.

The new album, Anastasis, arrives mid-August--but you can stream the entire album here. Also, for the record, I claim no rights to these lyrics, and if necessary I'll remove them upon request.


Saw the demonstration
on Remembrance Day.
Lest we forget the lesson
enshrined in funeral clay.

History is never written
by those who've lost.
The defeated must bear witness
to our collective memory loss.

Memories fall from the trees.
Memories, like autumn leaves.

If we are subject to
empirical minds,
I wonder what lies beyond
our memories' confines.

If memory is the true sum
of who we are,
may your children know the truth
and shine like the brightest star.

Memories help me see
Memories set me free.

All my loves
and all my kisses,
sweet melody,
sweet memory.

All my loves
and all my kisses,
sweet melody,
sweet memory.


SEE ALSO: My imagined DCD album from last year, made of the best songs from their recent solo albums. Also, here's my 1995 interview with Lisa Gerrard.

UPDATE (2/7/13): The version above is the "radio edit." Here's the full song:

And here's my favorite track from the album (which was my favorite record of 2012):

With apologies to all the Lisa Gerrard fans out there (and I'm one, believe me!), I wind up loving DCD's singers equally. They are both brilliant, and as artists they belong together forever. I hope there will be another album in the next year or two. I caught their tour in Austin, Texas, last fall. Best concert of my life, bar none.