Monday, March 18, 2013

Should Have Called David J

Ex-Bauhaus singer and one of my personal musical heroes, Peter Murphy, got busted on a DUI after rear-ending another car and injuring the driver.

Murphy allegedly hit a Mercedes in Glendale then drove to Los Angeles with a witness following him. The witness says he was eventually able to block Murphy in somehow, and the police came. They also allegedly found a baggie of meth, though not on Murphy...just mysteriously, coincidentally hanging out in the back seat of the police cruiser with him. He had just flown in from who knows what was up?

Wherever he'd been, he had to drive himself home: alas, there was a spy in the cab.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Reading in Norman

I'll be the featured reader for OU Write Club's open mic at Second Wind Coffee House on Thursday 28 March 2013. I'm not sure yet what I'll read, but my current plan is to read a piece of memoir, a piece of fiction (or, if I can manage it, a flash fiction and a short story), and a poem. I'll be selling the last eight copies of the first printing of Magnificent Mistakes as well as the first copies of my new chapbook, The Last Few Minutes Before the Bomb (both from Ravenna Press--check out their newly redesigned site!).

For local readers (assuming there are such people, and assuming they find this blog or the OU Write Club Facebook page!), I'm offering a $3 deduction on the cost of the book for anyone who downloads the e-reader edition and brings it to the reading. Such a bargain!

More on the chapbook soon... 

We Cannot Cling to the Old Dreams Anymore

Morrissey's still ill. After numerous ailments and postponed concert dates, he's chucking it in for this tour. My wife just told me, and I felt an ominous dread for the day when, someday... I won't say it.

It just wasn't like the old days anymore...

The Smiths, "Still Ill"

Friday, March 15, 2013

Live-Blogging the Move

Today I'm packing up my old office, where I have worked for three years, and next week I'll move into a new office in the next building--this time on the fourth floor, instead of the second, with a much better view. Obviously this will have a tremendous affect not just on my work but on my writing and, in turn, my life. Nothing could be more momentous. Therefore, to commemorate this milestone, I will live-blog the experience.

12:04 p.m. - Not writing. Again. So I may as well start packing. Shouldn't take more than half an hour.

12:48 - I'm not even halfway to halfway done. I've packed up four of my drawers and that's about it. All this crap I never use is all so interesting. New goal: finish by 1:#0, resume writing.

1:22 - OK, this is slow going. I've packed up one bookshelf and a few drawers. I've got another shelf and a filing cabinet to go. New goal: done by two o'clock. Amazing how easy it is to forgive myself for not writing.

1:36 - One thing you discover, when you move, is how many books you've accumulated in the meantime. Thinking ahead, I saved all my small boxes for this day, whenever it might come. (Small boxes are best for books, which are too heavy for big boxes to hold.) I'm going to need an extra five small boxes or so to pack these beasts. Then again, there are movers coming Monday to carry all my crap. Maybe I should let them deal with it.

1:37 - Feeling guilty about previous sentiment.

1:48 - Nothing like handling a few dozen great novels, on their way into boxes, to make one feel like one's creative work remains undone.

1:49 - Nothing like live-blogging to slow down a move. New goal: done by 2:15.

1:52 - Jeffrey Eugenides is proving problematic, as usual.

1:55 - Am I really this much of a John Irving fan? I was at 20, 24, even 30, I guess. But now? This is a lot of Irving.

1:59 - Just piled Mary Miller atop Cormac McCarthy. Hope they don't mind.

2:17 - Why is this taking so long?!

2:20 - Hey, why is my collection bereft of posthumously-published J.D. Salinger books, anyway?

2:38 - After a sudden burst of...focus? A distraction deficit? I'm almost done. For a little break, I'm going to walk my lamps and a couple of other breakables over to the new office now.

3:58 - So. Tired. Must. Go. To. The. Gym. Back tomorrow...