Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Master of Submission: Free Download

Starting on Monday, Amazon is giving away the e-book "sample" of my short story, "The Master of Submission," for four days. It's the complete story, which happens to be the longest (and by far the creepiest) in my collection, Magnificent Mistakes, so you would not misread this post if you felt this was just another attempt to bring readers to the book. Maybe you already have the connection, or maybe you're not the least bit interested in reading the exploits of a creepy, spurned, and ailing sex-toy inventor as he stalks his ex and stumbles into a new love--but if you were to download the story now, you'd give it a nice boost in the Kindle Store rankings. You don't need a kindle to help--a browser will do. Thanks for your indulgence!

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