Friday, July 12, 2013

Self Demotion

A young writer recently pointed out to me that I do very little to promote my work. Obviously he does not read this blog. That said, he's right. Blogging about my book a few times a year does not amount to much of a promotional campaign. The truth is, I'm not sure that I ought to be doing much at all anymore to promote a book published nearly two years ago. Magnificent Mistakes had a good run, including a brief stint in the Kindle Store Top 100 list as a "bestseller" (it was free at the time, of course). Anyway, I've moved on.

Nonetheless, this nice review of the book popped up online a couple months ago: CLICK HERE TO READ. Should you by chance be intrigued, you can buy the Kindle edition or the paperback. Or, if you want to ensure that less money goes to the author and his small press, you could buy the paperback from Amazon.

And thanks for the kind words, Weston Mize, whoever you are.