Friday, November 22, 2013

Insomnia. In. Som. Ni. A.

I turned 45 yesterday. Or was it today? It's after midnight now--in fact, it's after two--so my birthday ended a while ago. A couple days ago I was still young, but somehow I feel I've lost my grip on the last threads of youth now that I'm no longer 44. And I gather insomnia is the first symptom of old age. I keep hearing music, distant music almost drowned out by the wind and the passing trains. Now and then the music swells, and it's loud enough to make me think about it but not loud enough to make me do anything. Then it's gone, as the heater kicks on or the wind shakes the big tree above our house. I don't recognize the songs. They're probably country pop rock crap. I'm tired. An ice storm is coming. I surrender to this night.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Somber Meditation on Human Frailty

Just kidding. Kind of. I made a short, silent, black and white film with my kids a couple weekends ago, when the leaves began to fall. It took a few days to edit and a few more days for Dostoevsky to compose and record the original soundtrack. Now here it is. Ta-dah!

May we humbly suggest you use the HD setting? Enjoy.