Sunday, February 16, 2014

White Privilege in the News

For the moment (Sunday 16 February 2014 at around noon, my time), the top headline on says this:

Gunman 'in disbelief' over loud-music verdict: He could spend rest of life in prison.

But how can he be in disbelief? He doesn't deny his involvement. He held the gun. He aimed it into a car full of kids. He injured three and killed one.

And, more importantly, why does CNN believe his shock is the story here? I have a hard time imagining the editors would go with a headline as sympathetic to the astonishment of a shooter who killed a teenager while firing into a car full of teens if the shooter weren't a middle-aged white dude who just wanted those damn kids to turn down their damn hip-hop.


In case you haven't found it already, here's a surprisingly entertaining blog on this topic: Yo, Is This Racist? 

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