Thursday, April 10, 2014

Up to Things

Oh yeah. I have a blog. Hi, blog! Hi, reader! Is there a reader? I'll assume so. The site gets traffic still, anyway. I assume some of it is human traffic.

I'll probably blog a bit more this summer. Right now, I plan to withdraw (almost entirely) from Facebook for May through July (except to notify local friends of our yard sale shortly before we move to an on-campus apartment, a few blocks away). This morning I started writing an essay. I do that often: I start essays that don't get finished. Personal essays. Oh, and I learned the chords for a song. I haven't done that in ages. Here's the song:

I probably won't sing it like that, though. As beautiful as this and a few other renditions are, I still don't feel the song has been done in a way that captures the coldness and brokenness of it. Most singers lay it on too thick. Sorry. That's how I feel. It's a beautiful song, but it's a broken one…and it should sound broken.

Anyway, what have I been up to? Things. I recently made a video for a friend's song. The friend is Neal Koga, and his performing name is Jamal. The video is here. For some reason, Blogger won't let me embed it. Corporate incompetence, I suspect.

And I've landed a short-short story in New World Writing: "The Day I Came Home."


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