Thursday, June 5, 2014

Working on a Novel

Yours truly, rocking pink headphones. 
I've come to the conclusion that the computer is a sort of "threshold guardian," standing between where I am and where I will find my finished novel. I have to learn to work with it, to trick it, to get around it, to answer its riddles and resist its temptations. Today I'm inordinately proud of the fact that it is 1 p.m. and I've only just now turned on the computer for the first time. I spent the morning writing notes, reading about the structure of "the Hero's Journey," and brainstorming the shape and meaning of this book.

Before you and I both roll our eyes at this mythic journey business, I'd like to remind us that I am writing a fantasy novel to fulfill my daughter's desire for an adventure/quest story with female characters who kick ass. I'm taking the project very seriously, and I'm using it as an opportunity to explore some of the conventions of storytelling that I've resisted learning about over the years in some (probably misguided) effort to maintain something like artistic integrity.

Anyway, yeah. Hello, Internet. I'm giving myself a fifteen minute reward for those 3.5 hours of focus.

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